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What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There. 

Chase Ellfeldt

Founder, Researcher, Leader

I am out to maximize my own potential by maximizing the potential of the world. I believe that the future does not lie in skills but in people. So I have set out to build up people in order to solve every major problem our generation faces.

What is My Strategy?

How Can We Do This?

My goal is to maximize your productivity / potential by focusing on 4 main topics:

1. Conscience Dominated Mentality

2. Becoming a Learning Machine

3. How to Problem Solve

4. Health


Those who become learning machines, that solve problems, who conscience dominated their mind and who optimize their health will 100x their productivity and be worth 100 people based on effort. These are the people who will lead us into the future and solve all of these problems that have been left to us. 
Confident Business People
Outdoor Study Group
Young Business Colleagues
Business Conference
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