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The First Step to Becoming a Learning Machine

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

In order to become a learning machine, you have to shift your learning mindset away from memorization and towards a continuous improvement mindset.

It Starts in School

The way we have been brought up to learn is to view information by reading or watching a movie and being encouraged to memorize as much of that media as possible in order to do well on upcoming tests.

This method works for school where we only have access to 0.0000001% of the information out there however we run into a bit of a problem when we try and apply this methodology to the internet where information is being published at an insane rate.

When your education branches outside and you continue with the same strategy you used in school your subconscious becomes overwhelmed and discourages that learning.

Pair that with our inability to focus and you get a generation that hates reading or any learning in general.

This is why we have to change our strategy of learning in order to become a learning machine. We need to work with the mind rather than against it.

Instead of learning to memorize, we want to learn to improve.

Here is what I mean – when you read a book, don’t read it to memorize it.

Read it to improve your life by 1%.

Or, when you watch a series of YouTube videos don’t try and memorize everything in the videos. Dial-in on the 1 or 2 gold nuggets in the videos that will make your life 1% better.

What this does is it allows your brain to preview massive amounts of information and filter out only that which will make you better.

And that 1% growth you can get from each day will compound on itself and give you insane levels of growth long term.

So the 1% you can get from this article is that you need to shift your learning mindset from memorization to continuous improvement.

Instead of remembering 100% of everything you want to focus on the 1% that will make you better tomorrow.

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