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We Can Change the World

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

What got us here won't get us there. With the help of technology we have skyrocketed the human race forward but at what cost?

The Problem

The generations before us have blazed forward with all of this new technology that is not perfect. They have damaged our economy, robbed us of our health and sacrificed our home all in light of living for today. This has put us in a tight spot where if we continue with their mistakes we may not have much of a future.

The Solution

But I believe we are the solution. I believe the very things they have created can be used for good and more importantly can be used to perfect their inventions. But we can't do things they way they did it or we run into the same problems they created. We have to change.

That is what Chase E & Bite Size Success is all about. I believe the answer to our problems lies in four categories;

  1. Problem Solving & Entrepreneurship

  2. Conscience and Subconscious Balance

  3. Becoming Learning Machines

  4. Mastering Our Health

I believe that any human who focuses on these four areas will advance far in life and more importantly be able to fix our future and create a world 10x better than the one we are living in right now.

That is what this website, brand or blog (however you want to define it) is all about. I spend considerable amount of time studying these four areas and then break it down into bite sized pieces so that more people will increase their productivity to the point where we can start fixing these problems.

Have you ever heard of the fib "humans only use 10% of their mind?" well that may not be true but based on my own experiences and my research I can for sure promise you that 99% of the world is operating at 1% capacity. We have so much more to give and I want to help provide the information and tools that open the flood gates that unlocks everyone's true potential.

So if you want to live in a better future and you are willing to improve yourself every single day than this is the place for you. Join me as we recreate the future by perfecting the technology `that has been passed to us.

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