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Project MVP Course

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Are you paid enough at work?

Do you feel like you need to work a second job or work longer hours to get that promotion or raise?

Have you asked for raises or promotions but then got the run-around?

If any of these are you, then this is the course for you!

Chase is going to show you the brand new, game-changing formula that he has used to get multiple promotions and many raises.

To go from barely being able to pay his bills to being able to buy a home on 1 income in 2023.

How was this possible?

The Formula

Here is the game-changing formula that changes everything!

P + E + HIPS = MVP

Productivity + Education + High-Impact Problem Solving = MVP

The MVP of the department gets the raises. The MVP of the department gets the promotions. The MVP of the department gets paid what they are worth and ends up making far more than the average earner in America!

Let me show you how the formula works!

How Does the Formula Work?

The formula maximizes your value at work so that your boss WANTS to invest in you to keep you around. 

The first part of the formula is Productivity. This is where you learn to minimize the amount of time it takes you to complete your tasks at work by mastering productivity methods, hacks, and techniques. 

This typically frees up 1-2 hours a day that we use for the next part of the formula.

The second part is Education or self-education. This is where we take those 1-2 hours a day and we invest it into skill-based learning. We master the skills we are currently using at work to further master our position and to free up even more time.

The third part of the formula is high-impact problem-solving. This is where we analyze our department's needs and identify high-impact problems that would provide large amounts of value should they be solved. 

Then we use our productivity ability to free up time, and our self-education ability to pick up new skills to solve the high-impact problem that provides a large amount of value to the department.

As you keep solving valuable problems, your value increases, and they will see the value that you bring making them want to keep you around.

When they are planning the next annual budget and looking to invest in areas that will give them a return on their investment. Your name will be the first to come up.

Why Does this Work?

Companies are willing to pay someone the salary you want, just not you.

That was me! I was frustrated with how little my job was paying me. I blamed my company for not giving me a living wage. 

Until, I asked 1 question, and this question changed everything. 

Is my company willing to pay someone my dream salary? The answer was a very quick "Yes" of course. Many people who work here make that much. 

This led me to this conclusion.... my company is willing to pay that amount...but not to me...why?

After tons of research, I concluded that it boiled down to the value I provided. Those making more than me provided a lot more value than I did. 

So then it became a simple game of figuring out how to add enough value to be worth that salary to my company. 

I shifted from time focus to value focus. Before I was focused on how many hours I was putting in, but now I focus on how much value I provide no matter the hours.

That is what led me to the MVP formula. After years of researching, testing, and failing. I finally developed a system that works extremely well. 

And, this is the perfect time to roll it out.

The Key

Companies are desperately in need of people they can invest in.

They have a hard time investing in people who are time-focused instead of value-focused because time-focused people only work more. They don't produce more results.


Value-focused people will produce more if invested into which is why they get the first cut of the budget leading to promotions and raises. 

The Timing is Now

30 million boomers are scheduled to retire soon. This will open many higher-level positions that companies NEED to fill. 

This creates a massive opportunity for those ready to quickly move up in their careers and fill those positions that earn far above the average income in America.

I have perfected this formula which has allowed me to fast-track my career without a degree. I know this formula works and has the potential to change your life forever. 

If you want to take advantage of this historical moment and catch the wave then get my course, and learn exactly how I leverage this formula to maximize my impact at work so that my boss WANTS to keep investing in me so that I don't go anywhere else. 


Purchase the course here! 30-day money-back guarantee.


I don't want your money if you don't get an insane amount of value from this course. 


But it won't last forever, those positions will be filled. So act now and set yourself up for the biggest corporate transitions in history, and reap the benefits of becoming the department's MVP. 

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